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Ok Even More Fry... Growth Question

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OK so I have quite a few molly fry now living happily with their parents in my tank. About how long does it take for them to grow to maturity and full adult size? If anyone has a good website or link about molly fry growth please pass it on to me!! Thanks so much guys! ~Peter
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All depends on the variety of foods you provide them and maintenance of your tank. In my experiences, mollies reached adult size in barely 6 months. They should be sexually mature by about 3 months.
3 months? really ? oh dear i have a little molly fry and shes tiny still compared to the others, and shes 3 months. couldnt imagine her givin birth!! hope she dont start to get perstered by my male
With warm temps and good food my swords got to adult size in about 4 months, guppies in about 6 weeks. Mollies might be different but I don't know. Remember the colder the temp the slower the growth but the hotter the faster. Also remember too fast of growth can result in weaker fish that won't live as long.
Feed the young more live food. Brineys work about the best.
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