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馃専Hello, I have been looking for a great place to talk fish and also get to know some people within the hobbie! My fish keeping has always been a dream to do and was made possible by an insane amount of donations I received live on Twitch where people wanted to see a fish tank in the backdrop of the stream and boom... 27 mins later and 拢630 raised for it.... I got a Fluval 125L with a U3 Pump and black matching cabinet!!!

Before hand I was watching so many videos from all of Aquarium Co-Op & KGTropicals which made learning easy... to a point!

My goal is to have around 8 albino corydorias, 10 - 15 cardinal tettras and 1 half moon beta.

We have some issues which in time I hope I can find help amongst the forums!

-Big Snail infestations which I am in time going to make some snail traps - then manually remove a load then purchase an assassin snail!

I also have a albino Corey with a white blob on the back of his dorsal fin which Is not ICH so we are currently running meds in the tank of Mela and PIma Fix. I did run a course of white spot by API but never went so sure its not Ich.

We have also got a cardinal tettra with a strange growth/blob on his dorsal fin. At first thought it was a snail attached but has not gone. After some rearch I feel it may be a Louse? May need help on that as so unsure but currently medding the tank but no change has been made.

The tank has been set up now for around 5 months and has been so much fun!

Here is a picture of it and hope you like it!!!

Please say hello and would love to know what you have in your tank!!!!!

馃挐Thanks So Much For Reading! Cant Wait To Chat With You!!!馃榿


1 Betta fish in a quarantine tank. 1 Mystery Snail, 5 Adult Trapdoor Snails in 3 gal. In Description
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Hooray! We need as many people joining his forum as possible so we all can have more knowledge. SOunds like you have some really good tank goals.
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