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Ocellatus aggression?

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I have a 20 gallon tank with a pair of or occelatus gold, I had 3 but one was really aggressive and the other two appeared to team up and kill him, and the two got along well for a while, but now one has very dark color and sits at the top and the other is like digging around 10 shells, I'm pretty confused about what's going on, should I get more occealtus ?
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Are they males? Males HATE each other. Can you post a pic of your setup?
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Is this a long or regular 20?

10 shells isnt that much. In my brevus minutus pair tank (fluval edge 6 gallon). I have 12 shells and a couple caves. So get A LOT more shells, more the better. So maybe 20-30.

Ocellatus are one of the most aggressive shellies. My lfs had one with some other things (temporary setup) and it killed everything.

They may all be males (cant tell not all colored up).
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