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Not really Java Fern...

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So i have been doing some research on what i thought was Java Fern (according to the person who sold it to me at lps) and it turns out it is most likely Bolbitis heteroclitia. Anyone know much about this? Google searches don't lead to too many answers, just more questions. thanks guys!
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Show me a picture and I can let you know for sure! If you have Bolbitis heudelotii, commonly called 'African Water Fern' I suppose I can see how someone might mix that up with Java fern windelov. . . It's a beautiful plant, but very slow-growing, and it needs to be kept in an area of high current in your tank to do well. . . otherwise, the rules are similar to that of growing Java Fern, it's a rhizome plant, so attach it, don't bury it - and keep it under low-light or it'll get all uggy with algae. It does take this plant a super long time to get big, but they're gorgeous when they're properly taken care of and thriving :)

Hope that helps!
If what you do have is Bolbitis heteroclita than it is more of a terrarium plant than an aquarium one. I've heard of some people having success with it submerged, but many more not. Usually when I hear of it being a success it's under high light, high flow, high ferts, high CO2, you get the picture. Even then it takes several months for it to begin growing. I've never kept it, but did do some research, which is what led me to not keeping it.
Heeheee. . . these are two very different plants! I've actually never seen Bolbitis heteroclita before :) Sorry if I confused!
I have a pic of my plant in my tank on my aquarium page.

<--- over here
Cute tank! Yup! I was wrong - that isn't my little African Water Fern! Listen to BWG, he knows stuff :) Good luck with it, though - it's a pretty plant...
You're right about it being Bolbitis heteroclita, IMO. Another name for it is El Nino fern, that might help you track down more info if you want. I would just follow the advice Chesherca gave for Bolbitis heudelotii and hope for the best. It is said to be pretty challenging. No real care sheets that I'm aware of, but here's a little info.

Bolbitis heteroclita - Aquaticspot World
There you are; that is the plant mentioned in your other thread.
it seems to be doing fine. I read some where that it prefers low to moderate light. That explains why the tiny little stems off the rhizome are coming in just fine. The bigger leaves seem to be blocking enough like for them to do well. I use no CO2 or ferts and i do not have any dirt or anything else special in my substrate. If it keeps growing i will just keep it :)
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