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Hey Guys,

I'm having some issues with nitrates in my 33G reef tank, I don't have a lot of fish in there (2x clowns and 1x six line wrasse) and about 10 snals and 10 blue legs.

I don't overfeed and I only feed flakes (no frozens or coral foods).

My kenya tree started shedding this "mucus" snot like stuff and I decided to check my params to see where my nitrates were, they were at 80PPM despite my bi-weekly water changes.

I did a 9 Gallon change immediately in the aquarium to help reduce the nitrates, and I have Chaeto in my aquarium (which I heard is a huge nitrate hog). With the 9G PWC I was only able to get it down to about 50PPM, and I'm going to be doing another PWC soon.

Any idea what could be causing the huge nitrate spikes in my aquarium?
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