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Family: Cichlidae

Common Name: Giraffe Cichlid

Origin and Habitat: Lake Malawi, Africa

Compatibility/Temperament: This is a predatory fish and as such it is aggressive, not only to other tank mates but also to co-specific (same species). Not recommended to be kept with smaller African cichlids as it will see them as food.

Giraffe Cichlid Diet

Flake food is not recommended for adult fish as it does not provide enough nutrients for them. Adults should be fed a diet of good quality large cichlid pellets, frozen or live Brine Shrimp.
Juveniles can be feed Brine Shrimp and pellets and flakes until reaching the size of 3-4" (8 - 10cm) , when flakes should be discontinued for pellets.


Adults will easily attain 8-10" (20-25cm)
Juveniles grow slowly

Minimum Tank Suggestion


Water parameters for Giraffe Cichlid

Hard Water, pH 7.8 - 8.6 Temperature 78-82°F


As this is a predatory fish it should be housed in a large aquarium with one adult fish in a minimum 125g (6ft) tank, keeping multiple specimens of this fish absolutely requires a 180g or larger aquarium.

Juveniles are slow growing but once above 4" (10cm)can start to show aggression and will consider small fish, particularly fry food.

Juveniles are brown in coloration with the "giraffe" pattern already visible, once mature males will turn a deep blue on their head and bodies will turn darker with the giraffe pattern more prominent.

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