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Nikki's Tank

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Here is a picture of my new (used) 120 gallon freshwater tank. Let me know what you think! I will be adding a lot more plants when I can afford them. :D

Here are a few of the fish that came with it.....

My monster Pleco :D

My beautiful Rainbow :)

I have a lot of other fish as well, but can anyone identify this one for me?

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Hi Nikki
Great tank! Love the aquascaping. Great photos too.
The unitentified swimming object looks like some type of goldfish although I've never seen a goldfish with those colors.

Good luck with the fish. :D

Thanks for your kind comments Brie,

I think the fish is some sort of long finned barb, or tetra, but i'm not sure which. It kind of looks like a long finned rosy barb, but it's grey. I'll have to do some checking online.
I found is a long finned black skirt tetra. Very pretty fish.
It's indeed a black skirt tetra(called in the UK) or black widow.:wink:
The 2nd pic is a Boesemann's Rainbow.:)
Thanks for the info...... I've seen the black skirt tetra before, but not the long finned variety. Isn't the Boesman's rainbow pretty, I have two turquoise rainbows as well, and am planning on getting some New Guinea red rainbows, along with some geophagus surniamensis, and some gouramis. I have a total of four tanks, and have been keeping fish for about 6 years. I can't wait to stock this tank. I traded in my 50 gallon for this one. I think my husband would divorce me if I got any more tanks. :) Are you British living in the Philipines? I am from Britain myself, living in California.
nikkisan said:
Are you British living in the Philipines?
A Filipino.:wink:
Lovely tank Nikkisan inever realised Rainbow fish came in such variety. Your longfinned black widow tetra is also gorgeous. Tanks are so relaxing don't you think?
Oceane, a thread about rainbows is available in Freshwater Species and Compatibility section.
On the side note, breeding them by mixing different species is a bad practice. They will readily interbreed.:wink:
Thanks Oceane,

You should post a picture of your tank for us to see. I also keep one other community tank, and two tanks with African cichlids. It's easy to get bitten by the fish keeping bug! :lol:
Hi Joeshmoe,

Thank you for your comments on my tank. I think Angels are very beautiful fish, but since they are cichlids, and are semi - aggressive / aggressive fish, I don't think they would do so well in my community tank. Since my fish are all peaceful community fish. :)
Well there only aggressive when spwaning. they should be fine if you dont have small neon tetra in there . blues got like 8 in his tank you could ask him if there ok or not whith the fish you have. ~joe~
Hi Joeshmoe,

I do have a school of neon tetras, and a school of small rummy nose tetras, and a school cardinals, so I think the angels are out for now.
Hi Nikki,
Cardinals and rummies are fine but not neons. The first two are bigger than the neons and the chances of them getting eaten is very low. If you have altum angelfish, then it's a different story. Avoid the neons if you like to keep angelfish.
Thanks Blue for the advise (always appreciated), however, I never wanted to keep angels, joeshmoe suggested that they would look nice. :)

I already have two cichlid tanks to keep me happy. I plan to keep gouramis, and rainbows, and some g. surniamensis. All of which I have kept together before.

Bye for now.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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