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Hi all!!

I am very new to fish and am very excited about learning more information so I can keep my fish healthy and happy! I am married, have 2 girls(ages 7 & 8), and live in southern Michigan.
My daughters really wanted turtles for Christmas and I told them no way, then they saw Glofish and I thought how hard could they be--small aquarium, water, fish that glow and some food? Well, we went to PetSmart and asked what we would need, I was told a 10 gal aquarium kit and fish! Bought the kit and asked if I should wait on the fish until I set it up---oh no, just pour this in the water! We got 3 tetra glofish, Marigold Sword (female), and a Dalmaitian Molly (female). Set everything up, and you all know what happened, ended up losing a tetra and molly before I could get the 20 gal tank cycled for them. We now have a bigger tank with a hodge-podge of fish, neon-tetras, fancy male guppies, marigold sword(female), platy(female), glofish, and a red tailed shark. Hubby bought the marigold and platy at the same time(thinking they were the same) for our first marigold to form a school for her. She made it to the bigger tank and then died about a week after being transferred. I know that we are overcrowded, am planning on a 55 gal tank this summer. Right now, our marigold is the biggest fish we have, she's about 2 inches, red tailed is about 1 1/2 inches, all the others are smaller. I do water 25 % water changes about twice a week and have a dense natural planted aquarium, I have 2 caves and water stone. Most of our fish get along, the 2 glofish chase each other around and recently the shark has chased them, but our platy will chase the shark away from any fish. She is the law in the tank right now! I thought that since he was so little, we would have some time before I needed a bigger tank, which I have plans for in the summer.
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