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Thought I would stop by and say hello, I have been lurking for a while, learning, and getting ideas. My wife bought me a Fluval Chi aquarium for the kitchen about 4 months ago and I have been hooked since.

Yesterday I set up a 55 gallon freshwater, obviously I am working on the fishless cycle that I learned about on here.

My wife tried to get me to do saltwater as we live right on the water in a condo in Palm Beach and I am a dock master at a local marina and have access to boats all the time so "fresh" saltwater wouldn't be a problem. I just wasn't ready for that yet......

We also live at the base of the blue heron bridge, many consider some of the finest inshore diving in Florida because of the sea life, a lot of divers get their fish for their aquariums.

I am sure I will have a lot of questions along the way but the site has been a great resource already, I am glad I made my mistakes on a 5 gallon tank and learned along the way.
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