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Newbie With Plant Questions

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I have never done aquarium plants and it's been a long time since I had a fish tank anyway. I have a 40 gal hex that I'm going to do a freshwater setup. What kind of plants should I start with? What kind of sub should I use? What kind of fish should I NOT get? Can I have an apple snail or will it eat all the plants?
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A lot of apple snails will eat your plants, mystery snails are the least likely to eat your plants, as long as you feed it/them enough.
What are your water parameters?
Welcome, and good luck!
Most commonly kept fish are plant safe. Notable exceptions are African cichlids (they dig a lot and uproot plants) and silver dollars. If your water's on the harder side Vallisneria would be great for a tall tank like yours.
Plant selection is going to depend on your lights that you have. Like if they fall into low, medium, or bright for you tank. How tall is your tank?? This will matter for the lights you have and the plants you will want.

Substrate can depend on the fish also but most use play sand or fine gravel.
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I don't have water parameters yet. Haha. The tank is two feet tall. I haven't invested in lights yet so I will want to find out what I should be using.

What's the opinion on CO2? And silent cycling?
CO2 is extremely helpful and maybe even necessary, depending on what types of plants you want to grow.

As for cycling, what I usually do is heavily plant a tank from the start and let it run for a couple of weeks and then start adding fish.
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I thought mystery snails were apple snails?
Mystery snails are in the same family but not necessarily the same as Apple snails. Is what I have been told anyways.

OP as for the lights what is the length of the tank? Also do you have any idea of plants you are wanting?? Dosing Co2 isn't necessary unless you are after certain plants.
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