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Hi all, I was a member of a pet fourm who was having problems answering some of my question when Blue_frog told me about here. I hope you'll will be able to help me, I will post my questions soon. I am being bad and multi-tasking right now. LOL! I have 3 male bettas 2 are in 5 gallons and one is in a 10 gallon. I also have a texas cichlid in a 30 gallon, he was a rescue from a class science experiment :roll: :( . But he is doing great right now, and has such a excellent personality that I fall in love with everyday! In my other tank I have 8 guppies (1 male, 7 females) one dwarf platy, and 3 tetras. I also have 2 dogs who are the center of my life. Then I have three cats and 3 ducks. I hope to get to know you'll soon! Here are some pictures of my gang.
Cal-10 gallon

Jedi-5 gallon


My buddy Salt

And the newest set up tank.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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