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Newbie here from Northern Ireland

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Newbie to this forum,so will be looking for some help :)
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Hello and welcome to you :wave:
Welcome. You may want to let us know what type of fish you have, your interests and what tank (s) you maintain. There are a lot of knowledgable people out here so don't hesitate to ask questions.
Hello from the Toronto area!! We're glad to have you!! Yes what type of fish do you keep?
Hi guys ;) thank you for the welcome,well ive had problems with fish dieing on me everyday for the last 3-5 weeks,but hopefully i got the problem sorted,my fish are

silver dollar
albino,red tail shark ( hes the killer) so hes going in the morning
kisser fish

regards graham
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Personally I would get rid of all live bearers but that's just me. However your other fish will set them yum yum.

You have any pics mate?
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Just posted a pic of my tank
Where? I am sure it will look great
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its in the beginners guide to aquariums etc oooh here check it out

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Thats a nice tank. That red plant real?
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No nick all my plant are plastic,i would love to do a big tank with real plants etc,but then with the fish eating t real ones you would be out a fortune buying plants all the time lol
Welcome! Beautiful tank you have there!
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Hi Ralij, Welcome to the forum ;) thank you for your comment on my tank,very nice of you to say :)
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