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newb questions

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I've currently got a 30g with a few cichlids and want to start a new 75 gallon Oscar tank, my questions are

- what will work on filtration without it costing me a bunch of money?.. im currently looking at getting 2 Marineland Penguin 350 Power Filters

- if I put 2 baby Oscars will they be ok?

- ive read and watched youtube videos on cycling a tank in 2 days using already established tank filter gunk in the new tank how true is this? and any recommendations without waiting a month.

- I wont buy plecos in the future but why did my 2 die and no other fish in the 30g? they were about an in an a half when I got them..

- whats an inexpensive stand for a 75g tank.. I was thinking of putting it on my computer desk (I have a laptop)

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not one of my other fish seem like they are having any problems and I got the plecos after about a week of getting the other fish, I waited and put the cichlids in 3 days after putting media from my cousins 55g community tank that hes had running for 2-3 years.. the plecos did hang around the top some times but non of the other fish have ever stayed at the top unless they were getting food..
as for the 75g would be around 284L I believe if I brace the middle ill be fine.. but my cousin is a carpenter and says if I buy the wook he will build me one.

I thought it was 55g minimum for 1 Oscar, I've seen all kinds of videos on youtube of 2 Oscars and some other fish in a 75, but if 75 is a minimum for 1 Oscar what else can I put in there that wont become food? im not trying to say your wrong im just looking for info ;)
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im getting them really small if they grow together shouldn't they get along??
hmm so, is that a yes? its plausible? 2 in a 75
im not sure if I came off wrong but my ego has nothing to do with wanting 2 Oscars, im not sure if putting anything from other web pages/forums is permitted on here but ive read and the page is dedicated to Oscars and seems to have been around awhile and they agree 2 Oscars is too much for a 75g tank, BUT say there are some fish that will work very well in a 75g without creating a warzone such as Black Convicts, Firemouths, silver dollars, severums, and a few different types of catfish... the idea to get 2 Oscars was my girlfriends idea, I only wanted one but she wanted to have a pair 1 tiger and 1 albino.. the albino being hers.. I do understand these fish are very aggressive and territorial, that's why im here and everywhere else researching what my options are on these fish and what can go in the tank with them. I understand filtration is going to be a pain the backside but im going to start off with 2 400 emperors and buy a canister within a month,400 will work good for when I go to cycle the tank as my cousin has one on his 55 community tank and I can steal one of his cartridges.. When I get into new things I research ALOT and try not to make to many newb mistakes
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Featherfin Syno or a Raphael in terms of catfish.. idk really.. I really wish my buddy would give up his 125 that hes not using
thank you! that's what I was hoping to see some sort of compatible combos I could do, I to like the featherfins better than the Raphael. I've heard and read that if I get a convict get them in male/female pairs if going in the same tank as an Oscar.

if you don't mind me asking what did you pay for your filters each?
any objections to getting them at I can get them for 38.99 with free shipping

edited - and if I apply for their credit car I get an instant 30 bucks off :)
I would say go for it. I shopped around a lot and they were the same price on Dr F&S, and I ordered a lot of other things I needed along with it, so the shipping was worth it to me. But, by all means, go for it.

Do you know what you'll be feeding the Oscar yet? Proper diet is really important with them.

Edit - Watch their credit card thing. The interest rate is 29% last time I looked.
lol ill only get the card for the one time 30$ gift card

edit- as for food ill stick to Hikari brand, crickets, maybe some minnows
what is recommended for food?
Thanks ill keep that in mind. ;)
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I'll have the tank in the next couble days when my cousin is off work.. don't think the tank will fit in my Hyundai elantra and the filters when they get to the house (used amazon)... If I grab one of my cousins filters out of his emperor I should have a fairly quick cycle correct?
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if I get one filter put it in mine and sqeeze the gunk out of his other one and put it in a cup, and pour it in the tank filled with water wouldn't I be pretty much cycled? if not in a few days? without getting ammonia
but would I pretty much be cycled if I do it the way I said? and be able to add fish?
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