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So, here's a recap.

I currently have a 20 Gallon tank with a juvenile albino senegal Bichir and a Small African Butterfly fish, and some plants along with alot of places for the bichir to hide. They used to be in a 3 gallon tank (Which after doing research, I realized was a terrible idea and I'm glad they didn't die since I knew very little about cycling a tank at the time.) They have been there for a couple weeks and thankfully they generally keep to themselves. Currently doing a fish-in cycling of the tank, with a friend's substrate and old filter in a filter sock hanging in my tank for the bacteria and weekly water changes.

Also just started cycling my old 3 gallon tank with no fish or anything in there except a couple pellets of fish food to start the bacteria off on.

My questions are:

1) I know the 20 gallon tank isn't large enough for both of my fish but I reckon since they are juveniles (about a inch and a half for the butterfly fish, and 2 inches for the bichir) they should be ok for a while before I get a large enough tank for them. My question is, how large of a tank do I need to keep them both, and how long can they live in the 20 gallon.

2) If I cycle weekly, how much water should I remove. 50% is what i'm thinking, but advice would be gladly accepted.

3) What can I put in my 3 gallon? I know it will require more upkeep seeing as it's hella small. I was thinking of some invertebrates, maybe some small shrimp, or a dwarf crayfish? Thoughts?

4) Cycling the 3 gallon, do I need to change water? Or just add some now and them to keep a stable water level?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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