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Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 30
pH: 8.2 (fairly high, but rock solid stable)


Yes - agree with the colour scales, it would be great to have a more accurate colour charts. At one point my nitrite was somewhere between 0.5 & 1, and the best I could do was make a few changes to bring it down to somewhere between 0.25 and 0.5 - I didn't really know if I needed to do 10% or 50%.

Poorly platy still keeping going - it may be my imagination, but perhaps she seems a bit better.
Panda gara were bouncy again today (is that just because it's Saturday!)
Two small fry swimming about and exploring the tank.....

I have no intention of adding any more fish just yet, I am looking forward to things settling down and this hobby getting less stressful! I will be happy when I have a nice mature tank.

I was thinking, I'll do a partial gravel vac tonight (need to clean up some accumulated poo, and dead leaves) and start the partial water change weekly routine.
I'm also thinking of increasing flake feeding from alternate days to daily, starting tomorrow. I was thinking of feeding half the amount (ie net same over 2 days) so as not to increase the food too dramatically, and then very slowly increase to "what they can consume in 5 mins" once a day.
I've also been giving algae wafer for 10 mins once a week too, because one of the panda gara's doesn't eat the flake - which I'll continue. I'd love to consider live food once a week too, to give a balance - and even veggies.
And, I'm planning on continuing to test the water regularly until I'm in a steady routine for everything.

....if anything there rings major alarm bells let me know....otherwise, THANKS to everyone for getting me though this.
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