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I have been keeping freshwater fish for about 10yrs....had an aquarium as a kid then went away to college and left it to my kid sister. Having settled down, started with a 30gallan tank and experimented with frshwater fish from there....

Upgraded last year to a 45gallon tank that now contains a rather large sailfin pleco about 7yrs old, a 6month old smaller sailfin pleco, a 7yr old hoplo catfish, a 7yr old spotted rapahael catfish, a 6yr old bolivian ram, a clown loach, a juripuri, some black neon tetras, and recently added long fin danios .

The tank is in the living room so it is a focal point, it is planted with artificial plants, and rocks of varying sizes and colors. The filter is an Eheim 2215 canister....two Rena air pumps and two stones going to give the tank a slight current.
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