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New Tank Journal- help aling the way is appreciated! :)

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Okay. Starting a journal of the progress of my new tank and how long it takes to cycle. Basic info on my tank is: 29 gallon tank, 2 filters, fluval 206 canister filter and fluval aquaclear 70 hob power filter, artificial plants, glofish black gravel, hydor koralia circulation pump, and fluval vueTech 200 watt heater. I let a cup of tap water sit for over 24 hrs and these are my initial parameters: gh 161.1, kh 125.3, ph 7.4, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0. All tests were done with api test kits. Not strips.
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Nitrite (or ammonia) >5.0ppm can slow the cycle. It typically takes a little longer for the nitrite to get oxidized. Change 50% and dose ammonia back to 4.0ppm.

Your tank is responding well. Good you had some "seeded" media.
A nitrite reading of 5.0ppm is hazardous to your livestock. Change as much water as you need to as often as necessary to reduce nitrite to <0.50ppm and keep it there. Double-dose Prime to help detoxify nitrite.
Persistent nitrite is a frustrating but common problem while cycling. The only way you'll get nitrite is by oxidizing ammonia. Livestock bio-processes and decomposing waste is how you get ammonia.

So, stop feeding for a couple of days (or cut way, way back). What you want to do is stop ammonia production until your ammonia-oxidizing bacteria stops making as much nitrite.

Change water to keep nitrite <0.50ppm. Double-dose Prime.
Ohh .... well, now, this is embarrassing.I'm on the wrong thread. Ignore my last two posts.
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