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New Tank Idea

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Hi, I just got a 30 gallon tank and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to make it. I have a 55 gallon molly tank and was looking for maybe cichlids. I was wondering if how many I can keep in it, also is it okay to buy many types of ciclhids ex/ 1african, 1jack demsey, etc?
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hi there! Is your water soft or hard? acidic or basic?
30 gallons is going to be too small for a lot of cichlids, but there are beautiful dwarf cichlids that could work, if you figure out your parameters.
Yup, fish selection is determined by water parameters. Let us know and we can help you out a bit better. That said, 30g could make a beautiful dwarf cichlid tank. You could do rams, apistos, etc.
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