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englandbloke said:
the light i have at the min is 30w for a 40 gallon tank.

this is the spec for the new 1

Volume: approx. 260 litres
Light System with electronic ballast and 2 x 38/40 W tube
JUWEL Filter System: Standard
Colour: Beech
Size: 121 x 62 x 46 cm

thats all it tells me

Ok, sounds like 70 US Gallons, 58 gallon UK. If I read your post right, you have 76 watts of fluorescent light although I am not sure, you need to tell us if it standard flourescent or Compact Power flourescent. Once you have that known, put your tank dimensions in HERE so you can determine your light levels.

The next step is to get the plants and start to experiment to see what will work for you to grow them. No one can tell you a miracle formula that will guarantee that you will grow plants. I can tell you that using the Estimative Index for fertilizer dosing is a fairly easy and safe way to do it. I will explain it if you need me to. Wisteria, Water sprite and Elodea will eat a ton of fertilizers and require a lot more dosing.

Have patience, we will get you on the right rack and help you grow plants. The way you described them they are lacking in nutrients, likely NO3 and Iron. The lighting is playing a role but we need to get that figured out seperately.

I know that it seems very complicated but it really isn't. Take the time and provide as much as you can about your tank setup, type of lighting and what plants you want to grow and we can help you from there. Don't give up, it took me 2 years to learn to grow plants and now I can grow them in conditions that shouldn't grow plants as well as mine grow. Many can do it and with a little patience and experimenting you can do it too.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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