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New Tank Filtration Setup: UG or not UG

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I am setting up a saltwater tank that I “inherited” from a friend, this is my first saltwater tank, and my main question is about filtration

The tank is a 75 gallon ¼ cylinder corner tank. I plan on setting up a mixed reef tank with LR and LS. With an appropriate amount of invertebrates, some coral(eventually), and some fish.

It came with a CPR aquatic Cyclone series Bio-filetr CY192 (rated for 90 gallons) biological filter with protein skimmer & sump. He also had it set up with an UG plenum type set up. Is the plenum method with a biological filter and lots of LR and LS an appropriate filtration set-up for a mixed reef tank? I’ve been doing lots of reading, and I’m getting mixed signals as to the use of UG filtration, but most seem to say to avoid it.

Thanks for your time.

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If you go back in time you'll enjoy the 1960's technology. Here in 2007 there are way better methods. Detritus collects under the plates for a long period of time. The waste begins to melt down and becomes an ecological time bomb waiting to explode. I'd never run another one again. Used to run them when I was 10, back in the mid eighties.
caferacermike hit it right on the spot. Definately a no-no. That filter you mentioned should be good, especially since it has a protien skimmer. Though for a reef, biologicial filtration isn't really recommened in the filter. Instead let your live rock handle the bio filtration & use a refugium to help you out also & of course a protien skimmer.
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