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new shrimp tank

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i've never set up a shrimp tank before
i've had shrimp before, but the addition of flagfish changed that (that or it was coincidence)

i'm suddenly curious about a tank just for shrimp.

and i know very little, ...

previously i was one of those people that put some shrimp in a tank, ogled the colors and that was that.

i'm thinking blue rili shrimp (Neocaridina Heteropoda)

small, with lots of color :)

i could guess a 10 gallon tank

my preferences are live foods to culture for the inhabitants, ... or in the case of algae, lots :)

preferences aside, ... how many shrimp could that tank hold ?

i don't want to do what i did before, ... to treat them as a novelty, so i'm asking ahead of time what to consider for their health & comfort
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If this is the Blue Pearl Shrimp that you are speaking of you could put 30-40 in a 10 gallon tank and not be over populated.
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