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Tropical Fish Keeping Members,

Here at TFK we are constantly dealing with software upgrades and enhancements that make us reconsider how we broadcast information. We also feel that Tropical Fish Keeping's goal is to be a very informative site with a great deal of focus being on the technical and scientific aspects of fish keeping.

We are pleased to announce that the section you see at the top of the page (above the Saltwater section) is our new and improved "Reference Material" section. This section will consist of two parts:

1) Articles


2) Fish Profiles

Please be aware that there will be some technical issues during the transition and there might be limited site availability at times. We will try to take care of this during our slower times of traffic as not to inconvenience any of our members.

Edit by Byron: The Reference Material section is closed to posting by members. This section will house our fish and plant profiles and articles. These items are of a scientific nature, and are used by non-forum members. As is the case with all fish forums, the members cannot post or alter data in this area.

If you have any questions or comments, please post either in How To Use Tropical Fish Keeping or Members Discuss with Moderators.

Thanks for your understanding,
The TFK team
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