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New Ram 90 gallon start to finish (to date with pics)

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Hey yall just posting about how I set up my 90 gallon freshwater community tank after selling my Africans. Spent a few hours tanking down the tank, 5 hours sifting the sand to remove the crushed coral I had and another 2 hours washing flourite. Don't worry, not all in the same day haha, it was a process. Then started my hardscape with my driftwood, sand and flourite.
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The next step was to fill the tank part way and add some plants!
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Then fill it up of course
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I used two mature filters that were running on this aquarium: eheim2217 and aquaclear 110. I have one heater and a 48" marine LED and a double t5 fixture for lighting. I plan to dose ferts slightly but not often and not running C02.
For fish I started with 6 platies and 2 electric blue rams a week later and had to add more plants :p
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I let the fish settle in and watched the plants do very well. Took only two days before they started to grow.
Here you see a new leaf sprouting
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Added two more rams but this time german blue, they were larger than the electric. I found it very hard to sex but I did my best at the LFS. I was hoping to end up with two pairs to share the tank.
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Today I added 14 harlequin rasboras that I picked up. They are small but active and seem healthy. I can also report that I am very lucky and turns out my two electric blue rams where female and the two Germans were male....and they've both paried up HA, go figure. Its the exact pairing I was hoping for too and only took a few days for it to happen. I thought they were too small to breed at this size but both females have laid eggs, the latest batch 2 hours ago. The first eggs didnt survive and I don't expect any different this time. I hear it can take a couple tries for them to get the hang of parenting. The first pair spawned on a piece of slate in the foresty area and the other pair just spawned on one of the leaves of the sword plant near the right side of the driftwood. Kinda close to each other lol. I think thats all for now, I can update with more pics if people are interested :)
Here is the Latest photo I took of mommy n daddy #2 protecting their leaf!

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Enjoy, cheers
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Lovely tank! Congrats on the pairs.
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Thanks jeaninel
Awesome tank, it has a beautiful layout!
I would like to know how you defied gravity when filling up the tank.. How did you do it? ;-)
quite a process, maybe ill start a new thread for upside down fish tanks :p
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Great job! I love how you set up your tank. :thumbsup:
German Blue Rams + Serpae Tetra in 40G Planted Tank?

Halo, apa kabar?

(It means "Hi, how are you?" in Indonesian).

I'm Aldian from Indonesia. It's my first post here :)

I have a 40G breeder tank with plants and goldfish (I attached its left side view. The front view got light reflection). I got bored with goldfish and want to replace them with 4 - 6 German Blue Rams as the main fish. (I have GBR in my discus planted tank and love them!)

For the tank mates, is 12 - 18 Serpae Tetra suitable for GBR in this tank?

I'm confused about serpae because I read many conflicting posts about serpae. Some said serpae is fin nipper, while some said serpae tetra lives peacefully with their rams. Some also said that serpae is fast eater that leave nothing for the rams.

If (that's a big IF) serpae tetra doesn't work with GBR, is Ember tetra or Galaxy rasbora suitable for rams considering ember and galaxy are very small fish?

My first preference is definitely Serpae tetra since Ember tetra and Galaxy rasbora are very shy and mostly hide between plants (from my own experience in previous planted tank).


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Sorry, accidental posting - can a mod delete it please?
Sweet Tank!!

I find your tank setup amazing! I just recently setup a community tank and started with 7 guppies. 2 weeks later 3 females are squared off. What will I do with all those fry? Bought a 55 gallon tank yesterday which I will be setting up as a cichlid tank to help control the fry :twisted: I have little experience with aquariums though I do strict water changes and test water frequently. Would I be able to manage a cichlid tank?
Thanks! That depends on the type of cichlids you're looking to keep. If by to help to control fry then I'm assuming you mean something large enough to eat guppy fry, which is most cichlids lol. A 55 gallon gives you some decent options but its not so large that any cichlid or combination of cichlids will work. What types were you thinking about?
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