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New Plants for two tanks

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I just received new plants for my two tanks, a 10g and a 20g. They are:

1x Hornwort
1x Moss Ball
1x Wisteria
1x Cabomba
1x Anubias Frazeri
1x Water Sprite

I ordered three Moss Ball, but only got one, which turns out to be their last one. In the 10g, I put the Anubias, Wisteria, Cabomba and the moss ball. In the 20g, the Hornwort, Water Sprite, and Wisteria. The Wisteria came in bunches, and I put a little bit of it into both.
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And the fun part is, in my 20g, I have 6 ghost shrimp that were a pain to find before, now that I have more plants, finding them would almost feel like finding Atlantis.
I've got those too, and those guys are interesting whenever they come out of hiding.
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