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In October, I am getting ready to buy a couple of moss balls for my 20g tank, and I already have one for the 10g, but due to unexpected circumstances, I had to move a pregnant female platy from the 20g tank to the 10g after she popped her first batch, thinking that it was over. Unfortunately, she hasn't stopped for a while, and now that I've moved ma back to the 20g, a couple of months after pa died, I need to buy some new plants to help get some more balance into the tank water and I can use some advice on what would be the best plants to fit in the 10g to go along with the ones I have in there now that are still doing well, as well as good for a beginner. A couple of plants I'm looking into are Anacharis and Dwarf Sagittaria. If one or both are a bad idea, tell me softly and what would be a good idea.
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