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New member from Canada!

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Hi everyone! I decided to make a profile here after my friend posted about my fish for me (in this thread:

I currently have two tanks going - a ten gallon and a 5.5 gallon. Unfortunately my fish goals are not exactly going as I had anticipated, but I'm still having a good time. The plan was to have a ten gallon planted tank with crystal red shrimp. My friend told me that crystal reds like a nice mature tank, though, so I got two guppies to help things along (this was after my readings showed that the tank had completed the nitrogen cycle, after three and a half weeks). They turned out to be pregnant females, and I went from two fish to twenty in another couple of weeks! Then one day, I spotted two very odd looking "guppy babies" amongst the plants. For weeks I watched these two little strangers grow. I eventually concluded that they must have come as eggs on some plants I bought way back when I was first cycling the tank! My friend and I went around to nearly every pet store in town and showed them pictures and videos, but nobody knew what they were. Then she came here, and you guys got it straight away - bluefin killifish! It was a very exciting answer for me since we do not have that kind of fish up here. So I felt like I got a really neat, unique surprise with these two little guys, who quickly became my favourites in the tank. Now I'm trying to raise up those guppies fast - so I can give them back to the store, and focus on my killies! The babies are currently split between the two tanks, and the killi pair are doing very well. I desperately want them to have babies because I'll probably never see fish like them again after they are gone.

Before this guppy/killifish adventure, I kept fancy goldfish off and on for about ten years. I still adore goldfish, but at this time I don't have room for the large tanks they need, so I wanted to try shrimps. Maybe one day I will actually get some!

Nice to meet everyone :)
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Welcome to TFK, Mystery!!! I totally missed that thread, but what a fantastic story! Fingers crossed that they thrive for you. . . that's just neat!!! ^__^
Yay! Another Canadian member! What province/territory are you in?
hello and warm welcome to you. :-D
Hi from Manitoba! Love your story!! I too am a goldfish lover and stopped because the tanks were getting bigger than me!! lol. You'll get lots of info here....and great people! Welcome!
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