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I oringinally bought a marinland 20gal starter kit that came with the LED hood, hindsight I should of bought the non LED one, but oh well. What can ya do? Lol

So I was worried my plants werent gonna get enough light so I have been pricing out lights at all the pet stores and the nice big aquatic store around us and it kept making me kringe over the price.

Which led me to you guys and let the forum searching begin!

Which then turned me to the $20 shop light! Love it. Got me 2 of the T8 plant lights so I have 34 watts for 20 gal. Just shy of 2/gal. And a piece of plex galss. The bulbs were the most expensive upgrade.

I must say too, the colors in the fish are so vibrant now! Makes them look like totally different fish. The camera on my tablet isnt the greatest and doesn't do any justice but its all I got right now. Lol


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