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I'm new to this forum, my tank got devastated by a fish with Ich from an awful pet store in a new town I just moved to. My tank managed to tolerate the 3 hour move okay, I had 2 Fancy goldfish, one black Moor/black telescope one gold telescope eye, a Cory catfish, a frog (I don't remember what kind but fully aquatic) and a pleco. The frog I'd had for just a couple months, the pleco for at least 6 and the goldfish had made it over a year, for as long as I've had this tank, so the black moor was so gorgeous by now.
A couple things had died off before our move but I didn't want to buy anything before moving them 3 hours, so now I was ready to add some stuff back to the tank. The closest pet store is a PetSmart 20 minutes away and something I bought there gave us the ich. We just bought one new goldfish, 3 ghost shrimp, and 2 snails, and one special pleco, I don't remind what he was now but it was something out of the ordinary.
I'm down to just my snails and my cory catfish that looks almost dead, and I only ever see one ghost shrimp at a time.
I know the snails can get ich on their shells, but it's like any fixture in the tank, not like they can be hosts. Can the ghost shrimp get it to attach to them like the snails or is it not a concern for them?
Once my cory catfish dies can we just give it several days and start over again?
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