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Hello there, new guy on the block. A quick intro and on the skinny. I have kept freshwater tanks for years and currently have a 120g oscar tank and a 30g convict tank. I had a 12 nanocube as a marine tank that did well for a year and a half until Hurricane Rita destroyed it.

Which brings me to my question. I have a 29g tall with an Eclipse III hood that is going to be my next marine tank. Of course I plan on having live sand and plenty of live rock, a few small fish and some inverts. Does anyone have an idea on how to use a skimmer with the Eclipse hood.

I did not have one on the nanocube, water changes kept my clownfish, bowtie damsel, neon goby, coral banded shrimp, chocolate star, and various snails and hermits alive for almost two years including a 500 mile move. Thanks for any tips and advice and sorry for the long intro post.
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