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New fish tank

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I am wanting to get back into having a fresh water fish tank. I'm thinking a 30g. I want to have live plants,sand, and guppies. What are some good brands to start out with? What's a good sand substrate to use? What are some good live plants to have? Any other advice or info would be nice. :)
Thank You,
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hey there :)
many of us here either use childrens playsand,or pool filter sand.
either one is ok,i don't have experiance with the pool sand,however
i have play sand,i can not tell you how much you need to wash it ,as you need to do it over and over and over again,and a few more after that....
i have gravel at the back of the tank,and sand at the front,as i intend to keep
corydora catfish.
plants....water lettuce..for the floats
amazon swords
Elodea name a few.
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Thank for letting me know. I use plays and for my hermit crabs tank.
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aww you have hermit crabs,they are so you paint your
own shells for them ?
no I dont paint their shells. I only use natural shells. I've heard that painted shells are bad for them. But they are very neat to watch and learn about. I never thought i would be researching tropical fish though lol. But i've very invested in learning and keeping tropical fish and maybe doing guppy breeding as well.
would love to see a picture of them if you could :-D
tropical fish can be interesting and fun,breeding can be fun too.
I will get some pics of them later and show you guys them. :) all 3 are now in green turbo shells. i also want to get a betta but not to breed or include in my community tank. it seems like betta fish would be to hard to breed.
we have a sister site here
there you will find an array of awsome betta keepers,with much knowledge
on the subject of breeding those very pretty fish.
have a look around here :)
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