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New fish questions

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So I finally have some fish :) I currently have 6 head and tail light tetra floating in their bag in my tank (I'll be increasing the school in a week or two). A couple of questions have occurred to me; do I feed them today? And can I turn my lights back on in a while, for my plants (it's 12pm here so the lights have only been on a few hours).

Thanks. Very happy to have some fish at last :)

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Give them some time to settle in before you feed them as they'll probably be stressed out for a while. What size tank are you putting them into? Is the tank cycled?
It's 23 US gallons, and yes it's cycled (ammonia method) and has plants.
I usually skip feeding new fish the first day but give them a small meal the second day. They will learn pretty quickly that it means food when you approach the tank and will settle in quickly.
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Just decide on your feeding schedule and start with that the next day. The plants won't miss one afternoon of light I chose to feed shortly after the lights come on in the morning. Now all the fish are right where the food is going to be before I get there... just like a pack of dogs.

It's 23 US gallons, and yes it's cycled (ammonia method) and has plants.
Sounds good. They'll settle in soon and will gladly accept some food :)
Thanks for your posts, I've been having trouble accessing the message boards all day. Fishes seem to be doing well :)
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