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*NEW FISH* Blood Finned Tetras...

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my girlfriend just bought me three blood finned tetras.... and they are awesome. i think the look soo cool in my tetra tank. anyone have an good experiances with them?
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Currently, I have 10 blood fins in my 75g tetra tank. Yes, they are an awesome looking fish. They will really shine when they get a little more size on them. Try to get a few more of them so that they will shoal up and form a school. Most tetras are shoaling or schooling fish and tend to be very mild mannered when kept in groups of 6 or more. They may become a little nippy or waste away if left singly or in smaller groups.
i currently have 3 in my 10G tank and they are awesome. they have survived ich outbreaks and everything else thrown at them including being moved twice!

mine are around 1.5 inches long, ive had them since november. im thinking about getting 3 more or a few guppies to add in the tank with them. they are very speedy fish and seem to play alot.
herefishy said:
They may become a little nippy or waste away if left singly or in smaller groups.
Yep. Same as mine when I had them before. They're totally different from the glass bloodfins I have owned since last year, of course.:) Last one died today.:shake: With no other members of its own species available, it has done nothing but drift along in a lonely manner.:sob: The rest died when I had raging outbreaks of columnaris last year which I had managed to prevent only when I discovered that my high temperature can easily make it progress quite well.
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