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Like i promised i took some pics of the fish at the new england aquarium. I will try my best to put the fishes name next to it put please feel free to corect my if i do it wrong.
1 mandarin dragonet

2 awsome cardinal fish, such a slow and graceful moover he makes for a good picture.

3 some type of sps

3 lionfish

4 stone fish

5 puffer or box fish i dont know

6 butterfly fish and tang... i think

7 adult blue girdle angel fish,clownfish and powder blue tang

8 sweet trigger

9 awsome red and black tang, looks rare

10 piranah

11 Huge fish.

main tank with sharks and other huge fish like puffers(2feet+) angels, eels,stingrays,turtles ect. Lit my some deisel metal halide pendants.

like i said please correct me if i missnamed some fish, i dident take the time to reaserch them.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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