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Hello all,
My name is Stephen, and I've always loved fish tanks from the time I was a baby. My wife brought a betta home for my Godson about 5 months ago. I thought "Yay, something for us to do together and watch grow." ya know? lol....Well after 3 days of him being in a little unfiltered plastic box, I decided we need to get him (Carson, a silver bodied, red finned crowntail betta male) a proper ten gallon tank with a filter and heater.

At this time I was working out of town on a gunite crew, so I was able to set the tank up and get it going before I left for the week. When I got home the following weekend, we had Carson, about 6-8 neon tetras, and 6 Cory cats.....Oh boy. I had been researching tank cycling bc I love to read and am sort of a perfectionist. So daily water changes became our normal routine for the next month. We lost 2 cory cats and several neon tetras since that severe overstocking episode. All of the remaining Cory cats are healthy in my big tank.

I fell in love with taking care of my wifes tank to the point that I wanted my own in my game room. I got a good deal on a second hand 65 gallon with a stand from a friend of mine. Ive got it set up as stated in my signature.

My wifes ten gallon now only has Carson, one black molly, and 4 neon tetras.

Nice to meet everyone and I'll see ya in the forums!!
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