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new cichlid help

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hi,im currently waiting for my tank to finish its cycle,im wondering what are the best cichlid choices for me to put in my tank,my daughter would like an angel fish as the show peice but im unsure what will live alongside it..i have a 36 uk gallon bowfront..any help would be great as im a begginer..thank you :-D
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Angelfish are South American cichlids and are not recommended to be put with African Cichlids (unless you want to see Angelfish fins everywhere). German or Bolivian Ram cichlids should be ok with Angelfish.
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ok thanks for the time to reply to me,,and i wont put the africans in with s/a as i know they tend to be aggresive toward eachother,and have different acid alkiline needs ect as im doing as much research to make sure i mix them well and not kill any as i want them to flourish and thrive...just unsure how many to put in together and how many types for the size of my tank as id feel bad if i suffocated/killed any.
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