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Since I moved my Bolivian Rams and loaches out of my one aquarium into my 120 Gallon planted tank my pleco has been really lonely and I finally decided on what fish I wanted to put in with him there are 3 live bearers that stayed with him but he has been sulking since last September. I decided on a pair of Gold Rams since I love my Bolivian Rams and Ernie misses them. So I started the hunt for them not an easy fish to find around here. I went to the Big Fish Store and they had some babies, so I bought 2 think they are so small I will put them in and they will hide but no they are so funny always out and really friendly if you go to the aquarium they come right over to see you never hide do some head ramming once in a while and boy can they eat if they have this much personality when they are this small can't wait to see them as adults
Here is a pic of them and 2 videos one of them being friendly when I come near the tank the other of their supper tonight eating blood worm. Ernie my pleco loves them within five minutes of them being in the tank he was out I took a picture of them by his head but it was too blurry. I am wondering if they were home raised and brought into the store since they knew what humans where as soon as they went into my tank.

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