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Was at one of four local fish stores this past weekend . I like to visit them all once a week.
Anyhow, I spied a pair of tiny keyhole cichlids not much longer than your thumb nail. It has been some time since I kept these funny little fish and I could not resist buying them.
They are unassuming little cichlids that may reach 5 inches and they have always been a favorite of mine . I kept a group of five, that I gave up a couple years ago to make room for some other fish that interested me and kicked myself for doing so. I am pleased to have found these little guys.
The store owner had ordered only three and one sadly didn't make it. They have been in quarantine for the last week (almost), and I am going to place them in 56 gal with flame tetras,panda corys,peppered corys,and one candy stripe Pleco or possibly place them in 75 gal at work when they get a little larger.
Would be sweet if they turn out to be male /female but it is much to early to tell. Did I mention they are tiny?
Anyhow,,I have asked the store owner to try and get me another three and perhaps I will try my hand at spawning these fish.
I would feel comfortable recommending these fish for most community aquariums of 40 gal or larger , and with most all fishes with exception of aggressive fish or perhaps fishes smaller than pristella tetras.
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