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My 55 gal cichlid community tank has recently experienced a new arrival in the community. The present community consists of 6 J. marlieri, 4 J. ornatus albino's, 2 L. Electric Yellow and 2 BN Pleco's. A few days ago I discovered a new J. marlieri that is about 5/8 inch in length, fully developed and exhibiting the marking of his parents, and is eating bits of finely ground cichlid flakes mixed with tank water and administered into his place of residence between the rocks and driftwood provided via syringe into his hiding location. This location is constantly protected by his very doting parents that have taken up residence in this particular region of the tank which is heavy with artificial and real driftwood. local rock slabs and boulders and minimal plants.
Needless to say I was quite surprised to see this youngster alive and well in a community type tank. Just curious if any others have experienced this with J. marlieri in a community tank setting? I suspect he was what survived with the hatch of unknown number. Wouldn't bet on him/her reaching adulthood, will maintain in present site and see what happens. His adult parents are quite protective and will chase any other that get too close to their designated residential area of the tank. Any experience of spawn size for this species? The parents are exhibiting typical mating behavior again and suspect there may be additional arrivals in the near future.
Tank has been established for close to a year now and gets water changes once or twice a week, usually about 10 gal.
Any input to this scenario would be appreciated.
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