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I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself! My name is Gerald, I am fairly new to fishkeeping!

I have a big tank, 53 gallons. Here is what I have in my tank currently (but I'm going to go buy more fish today!):

2 Albino Tiger Oscars
1 Red Oscar
3 Pleco's
2 Convicts
1 Jaguar Cichlid
2 Angel Fish
5 Tinfoil Barbs
1 Cory
2 Bichirs
1 Midas

I look forward to meeting you all! This looks like a great environment and I'm very excited to be here!!!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everybody :!:

When I went to my local fish store they were having some really good deals! They wanted to sell me two Redtail Catfish, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to have two of those since he said they can get a foot long each. I ended up getting one redtail catfish and one clown knife fish!

GeraldFrye said:
musho3210 said:
Well do some research before you buy any more, lfs/lps dont always tell you the right things. But other than that welcome!
Okay will take a note of that! What are the common misconceptions they may have already told me?
Well not sure if they told you this but, your red tailed catfish will eat just about anyone in that tank. You will have to upgrade to over 100gallons alone for just the oscars. Your tank is extremely over stocked.
I had a 55gallon with 2 oscars, clownknife and a bichir. Needless to say I did not upgrade soon enough and my oscars killed my 13inch clown knife she grew from 6inches to 13 in a matter of only a few months. I would refrain from purchasing any other fish and save your pennies for a VERY large tank or consider taking some back to your lfs.

Just my opinion though :)
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