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first of all, alot of people on here get WAY too technical about stocking parameters. in my 55 Gal i have 5 angels, 7 marble hatchets, a male beta, 3 corys, 2 SAE,and a gold nugget pleco, and about 50 ghost shrimp. the tank is moderately planted and has lots of driftwood. the main concern on stocking lots of fish is how much maintenance your willing to do. i do 20% WC once a week and a 45% every month. its time consuming but with the amount of fish i have in my tank, in order to keep good water quality thats what it takes. and dont ask me my water parameters because i havent checked them in 3 years. LOL take it slow on stocking, dont shock your tank or the other fish, get lots of maintenance fish!!! corys, SAE, Nitrate Snails, shrimp. im going to add a group of 10 jumbo Cardinals to this tank next week. take your time and experiment.
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