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A new species of Apistogramma that has been known of--though not widely available--since 2005 was described and named in a paper published this past April. Apistogramma paulmuelleri is the name assigned to this little gem that has been known under names such as Apistogramma sp. "masken" and A. sp. cf. regani. The scientific species epithet honours the late Professor Emeritus Dr. Paul Mueller, described in the paper as one of the leading biogeographers of recent decades, who made a number of significant contributions to our understanding of the origins of Neotropical cichlids, including the genus Apistogramma.

To date, this species has only been observed and collected from a stretch of just a few hundred meters along a small brook in the Rio Ucayali basin in the Loreto, near Iquitos, Peru. It is believed to be endemic [= living no where else] to this very small area.

The description paper which has several beautiful photos of the live fish is available free here:

and there is a bit more info on the apisto site:
Welcome to Martin and Toms Homepage
from which the photos below of the fish and the habitat stream are taken, and there are further photos of the fish and habitat.


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