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55 gallon and Bella
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yesterday, i got a 55 gallon tank! i also bought a heater, filter, e.t.c.
after cycling my tank, im gonna go back to the store to get some fish
heres the thing: idk which fish go together
the person at the store told me that the ones i wanted were good together (except a yellow lab and a striped convict)
can yall confirm? heres my list:

  • gold panda lyretail molly
  • red wag platy
  • male leopard guppy
  • a black molly (labeled as assorted mollies)
  • golden dusk platys
  • maybe a male betta

i also need help with my fish food. for my past fish, ive been feeding them tetra pond flakes. is that ok? if not, what food should i get?
plus, ive been wanting some babies, and the person at the store told me to get frogbit or redroot floaters to help out the fry. any other reccomendations?

i dont want my fish tank to flop again. pls share some other tips u might know!
thx <3

(i havent set up my tank yet)
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