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55 gallon and Bella
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yesterday, i got a 55 gallon tank! i also bought a heater, filter, e.t.c.
after cycling my tank, im gonna go back to the store to get some fish
heres the thing: idk which fish go together
the person at the store told me that the ones i wanted were good together (except a yellow lab and a striped convict)
can yall confirm? heres my list:

  • gold panda lyretail molly
  • red wag platy
  • male leopard guppy
  • a black molly (labeled as assorted mollies)
  • golden dusk platys
  • maybe a male betta

i also need help with my fish food. for my past fish, ive been feeding them tetra pond flakes. is that ok? if not, what food should i get?
plus, ive been wanting some babies, and the person at the store told me to get frogbit or redroot floaters to help out the fry. any other reccomendations?

i dont want my fish tank to flop again. pls share some other tips u might know!
thx <3

(i havent set up my tank yet)

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That site can help answer some of your questions.

\My personal belief / philosophy is that bettas belong in there own separate environment / tank as they are not a community type fish
I agree. Bettas are best alone. I suggest you study aquarium water quality requirements and begin testing your water on a regular basis. The test strips are cheap and easy to use. Keeping a 55 gallon tank requires water testing and at least monthly 25% water changes. If you want to breed your fish. Look up the species and requirements on the net. Google searches and successful fish keeping go together. Look for good websites that are not selling products but are providing care and breeding tips. Also check out YouTube.
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