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Hello everyone, just started my 38 gallon tank (well 1 month ago). Getting back into the hoppy after being out for 6 years, was in the military so i could not tank my 55 gallon tank with me and while i was in my older brother decided he was going to break my 55 gallon tank.

I started with a fish-in cylce with a seeded sponge from Angle Plus (great product by the way) and that went very smoothly, started with 2 sunburst platties for 2 weeks with the seeded material and never saw ammonia go past .25 ppm and now im sitting at 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 10 nitrate.

anyways current stock is
2x sunburst platy
2x red wag platy
2x dwarf gourami males (just got these today, so far they poke each other with there tentacles, but im hoping they will set up a territory and leave each other alone, otherwise i have a friend i can give 1 too)

and my live plants
10x Wisteria
6x Water Sprite
2x Java Fern narrow leaf
2x Anubias nana
1x anubias barteri
3x el nino fern
2x bacopa caroliniana
1x amazon sword
1x Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

with a 12x6x15 piece (approx) of Malaysian driftwood

right now im dosing with florish comp. and API CO2 booster, using iron, potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, and trace when needed. Also Florish root tabs were needed

also running 2 aqua clear 50 filters (baffled at the outflow to reduce gas exchange)
and running an aquatic life 36" T5HO light fixture with 2 6700K 39 watt blubs.

i was planning on going with an all live bearer tank because of my cities fantastic hard water, but ive come to find out through various research that most livebearers are vastly inbred (guppies, mollies, and sword tails) and just genetically weak, so my plan is to get 2 more platties and about 10 red crystal shrimp or 2 vampire shrimp, have not decided on what else, maybe some american flag fish since they like hard water.


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Very nice tank!

And welcome to TFK:)

Inter breeding is not as bad with the sword tails.
But they will cross breed with the platys.

Don't get mollys if you have dwarf gourami,the mollys will kill them!

I wish you best of luck with your tank.

If you have any problems TFK is here to help.

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