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"White" kuhli loach? I think you might be referring to Dojo/Weather Loaches, just for future reference. I'm pretty sure they require cooler waters and around a 4 foot tank minimum.

Kuhli loaches are a lot of fun, and they stay relatively small :) Just be sure that if you do use an AC, to put a sponge or net over the intake. They're notorious for getting into places they shouldn't.
Cant emphasized that enough!!!!!

I had 3 khulis in my 15 gallon, they are hard to see during daylight (specially if kept in low numbers) but they are a cracker of a fish. However, I lost them all because they got sucked into the filter (surface skimmer) same as my hatchets :(

I learned my lesson the hard way.

Now I have moved to a bigger tank and I can't wait to get some more. Another thing you might want to consider is a cover for the tank, khulis (as for example, bettas and hatchets) love jumping...

One of my favorite are chipmunk loaches! They are not cheap but they are happy little fellas and they dont grow very big (no more than 4-6 cm). They are also very peaceful and they get along with everyone just fine. I also have a few clown loaches (very small less than 5 cm atm). They grow quite slowly but when they become adults they will require at least 250 liters if not more. I will probably have to rehome them in the future or get a bigger aquarium (at least 600 l) but their grow rate is very slow so they should be fine for a few years....
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