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New 10 gallon low tech planted tank

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Hey guys this is my first time setting up a planted freshwater tank. Basically I'm looking for some info on a basic setup and eBay I'll need to shoot for for water parameters.
What I have now is a 10 gallon tank, a heater, hood and a t8 fluorescent light. The light isn't super high output but I did keep a few low light corals under it in my saltwater set up so I would think it's enough for some pants. If not I would probably modify it as I have experience building my own for my reef tanks. In addition to these things I have I'll be picking up a small hang on back power filter. Other than that I'm not sure what else I could possibly need for equipment so suggestions are welcome.
As for substrate, plants and driftwood etc. I really have no idea and I was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions. I was thinking a dark substrate and possibly wisteria for starters but that's all I really know.
Fish will probably be some type of tetra, cardinal or the like and then then whatever you guys could suggest for a clean up crew.
Thanks ahead for your help. If I've missed anything important please let me know. I am going for low tech and easy keeping here. I'm coming here first for advice because while my lfs is for the most part good they still are out to make money. I'd like to at least have a good idea what I'm doing before going there. Again thanks!
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Alright I'll pick up a test kit this week and test the tap water and get back to you on that.
As for the filter they don't have sponge filters at my lfs, only small hang on banks, so I'll have to get that online then. I have an air pump though so that will work fine. Could you suggest a good brand or place to order from?
I'll see what they have for bulbs at the lfs. It's just a cheap one I got with my aqueon aquarium kit.
Is that the play sand from like Lowe's or Home Deeps?
Thank you for all the info. I'm sure I'll need more info as time goes on. One thing I was wondering about was cycling. I've read that if you fill up with plants from the get go that you don't have to cycle? Thanks again!
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Alright well I hit up Dr Foster and Smith's last night for some of that stuff. I got the API master kit as well as a GH kit as I'm on well water, no town water out here in the sticks. Also I got the ultra sun T8 bulb and a sponge filter that's rated for 15 gallons. Hopefully it will work but if not it was only like 6 bucks so I can try another. I should have that stuff by the end of the week so I'll get back to you on the water parameters. Then just a trip to the lfs abs home deeps and we're in business. I'll post some picks of the setup and my progress this weekend as Saturday is setup day. Thank you for all the advice! Man I wish cycling a reef tank was as easy as that haha.
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Well I received my order from Dr Foster and Smith's today. The tests for my GH and PH are as follows: GH is right around 7.5 DGH and the PH is around 7.9 ish. From what reading I've done I understand that the PH is pretty high. I think that around 7.0 is where I want to be but I could be wrong. I have no problem adjusting the PH myself, just takes a little time, I'm just wondering if it could become an issue over time with it always creeping up on me.

I did look into fish a bit and I'm thinking that I would like to keep a few different varieties of tetras possibly...cardinal tetras, rummy nose, like that. Maybe a small group of them. Again though I'll have to adjust the PH to accommodate them.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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