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NeedAlbino Pleco Help!!!

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Hi everyone, my albino pleco is having trouble suctioning to the glass or fake tree stump that she's always in. The water has 0ppm of ammonia. I've had a lot of problems with the ammonia getting to 8ppm and having to do frequent water changes but that has been months since its been above 0ppm. My issue recently has been algae. When it gets cloudy, I just turn the light off for a few days and it clears right up. I just turned the light back on yesterday, which is when I noticed her like that. I always turn the light on for about 30 min to feed the fish when we issues with algae, but I always turn it off after. She gets fed one sinking pellet every other night. The light is on now and she is just sitting still on the gravel breathing kind of heavy. She never comes out when the light is on. Whenever she tries to suction to something she just falls on her back and sits there. I am really worried. Can someone please help me!!! I also have 1 dwarf male gourami, 1 bala shark, 1 neon tetra and 1 X-ray tetra. It is a 29 gallon tank wit an hob filter and an air stone. I had quite a few other fish but they have all died. I dont know they died either. I also have one anubias.

Sorry for the long rambling post!
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My pleco is having trouble staying on its stomach and can't suction. Please help!! I don't know what to do. She keeps getting on her back and then either breathing heavy or wiggling around or both. She is also extending her mouth/suction thing.:cry:

GH 0
KH 40
PH less than 6.0
NO2 .5
NO3 20
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