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Hello Everyone This Is "Mavi" The Second Betta male i have now Mavi was with my girlfriend for almost 2 month , It was a powerful Betta and great looking One (first photo)
After almost a month i checked him and sadly i saw his ventral/pelvic fins is curling like this (second and third photos)

Bird Green Blue Azure Peafowl

He is not eating too he is hiding almost all the time and changed a lot from the first time i brought him to my girlfriend , she is afraid about him and she wont lose him she gave it back to me so i can treat him and solve the problem but i want another opinions from you guys is it fin rot or aging or some kind of water problems ? maybe the water hardness ? i really want to know what could be that symptoms and how to treat it ?
Leaf Organism Wing Terrestrial plant Glass

Water Green Liquid Fluid Organism

Thanks guys
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