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2.5 days ago one of my angels got "stuck" in a rock hole but I was able to remove the rock from my tank and then remove the angel from the hole.

Some folks on PF recommended that I use Melafix at a rate of 1 Teaspon/10Gallons. (13 Teaspoons for my tank and sump).

I have never "had to use" medications but had an unopened bottle of Melafix in the garage in case of emergencies and started the treatment.

Yesterday I read this treatise when I Googeled for Melafix.
which indicates that the dosing should be continued for seven days.


Do I indeed need to continue the dosing???
(I have dosed twice now and the area around my aquarium smells of Melafix!)

Also do I need to be "doing anything else" to help heal Rocky's wound??

The 1st photograph is Rocky (named for obvious reasons) immediately after I removed him from the rock hole.

The 2nd photgraph is Rocky's worst wound taken last night (after 2 days and 2 doses of Melafix).

Input would be appreciated.

Ron Jones

BTW to my PF friends:

I bumped twice last night and did not receive a response.

I know that "I am boring you" but I need some input before "I really slobber up"!



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DM and GOG:

I appreciate the responses!

I continued dosing at the recommended rate for 7 days and Rocky's wounds were completely healed.

BTW per Mp (on the other forum) I ordered the pond size Melafix from my local Petco and saved a "ton" on medication costs.


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MilitantPotato said:
Good to hear Jones, glad Rocky made a quick recovery for ya.
Any luck with the pumps yet?
I bet you're, as you say it, smooth wore out over them burning up on ya.

Yes. Got an RMA # for the one which was not "my fault".
Manufacturer may be able to rebuild the other two.

You betcha (in West Texan)!!!
Due to the limited "headroom" above the bioballs available for the mechanical filtration media I cannot implement your solution {which BTW was very ingenious}.
(A plexiglass rim is moulded into the plexiglass sump [go figure])!!
As a "stopgap", until I get to feeling better, I am bidaily changing the mechanical filtration media!

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