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Hello all. I'm fairly knew to fish keeping so I'll keep this brief. I have a 20 gallon tank equipped with a 100watt aquarium heater. Bought it today. I have two thermostats for this specific aquarium and want the temp to be around 78-80° F for my fish.
I have set the heater to be at 79 degrees. Issue is with the thermostats. I have one, a stainless steel one that reads with the little red line (I have no idea the actual name for it.) And a digital one from Amazon.
The digital one I used in my old aquarium about a year ago and it's been in use for at least two years. I'm having issues because the digital one is reading at 87° (too hot obviously) and my stainless steel one is reading at about 77°. (I got the stainless steel one today along with the heater.) I'm not sure which one to trust but I'm so scared of unplugging the heater and causing the tank to be too cold cause the digital one reads high, or leaving it on and risking my fish because the water gets too hot and the steel one is reading wrong.
Any advice? I'm frantic and so scared of losing my fish. Fish is a half moon betta if that is of any help.
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